How to Publish with Us

The Nature’s Symphony welcomes original and impactful research across Biology and nature. Here’s a quick guide to publishing with us:
  1. Choose your article type: We accept Research Articles, Reviews, Communications, Reports, Opinions, and Letters to the Editors. Each has specific formatting and content requirements.
  2. Prepare your manuscript: Ensure it adheres to our “Guidelines for Authors” which specify formatting, structure, and referencing styles. Pay close attention to originality, plagiarism checks, and ethical considerations.
  3. Submit electronically: Visit our website and use the online submission system. Provide all necessary information like article type, title, abstract, keywords, and author details.
  4. Peer Review: Your manuscript will undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process by esteemed experts in your field. You’ll receive feedback and editorial decisions within 4-6 weeks.
  5. Revision and acceptance: Address reviewers’ comments and make necessary revisions as guided by the editors. Your revised manuscript may undergo further review rounds. Upon final acceptance, you’ll sign a copyright agreement.
  6. Publication: Your article will be published online within 4-6 weeks of acceptance. We offer open access options for wider reach. Celebrate your accomplishment and share your research with the world!
For more details, check the guidelines for authors.
Free Language Editing for Inaugural Volume: We offer free language editing services for the inaugural volume manuscripts. Submit your work with confidence and let our experts polish your research for publication.
We hope this overview simplifies the publishing process for you. We’re excited to receive your groundbreaking research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge!
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